Space travel record

On Thursday Scott Kelly, commander of the International Space Station, broke the record for the longest single space flight at 16 days, providing information on the effects of long duration space travel for astronauts of the future.


Oxygen found on Comet

Oxygen has been detected for the first time in the gas cloud surrounding a comet. Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, which is the comet that the  probe of the space craft Rosetta landed on, was found to have molecular oxygen. This has never been found before on a comet as oxygen has only been found combined in water and the oxides of carbon in other comets.

Science Tutoring

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Immunity to Ebola

A group of women in West Africa appear to be immune to the Ebola virus, despite working with affected people during the recent crisis. It may be that they are genetically unique, but research  bodes well for survivors of the infection.


The Scientists for EU campaign starts today. Past, present and incoming presidents of the Royal Society have all spoken up for the EU and the threat of “Brexit” has united the higher education sector.