Still here!

Well, that’s a relief! We’re all still here and the world did not end yesterday!

On Saturday, an asteroid, which was 1.5 miles wide, came close to the earth at a distance of 15 million miles. It passed safely by but the event has been classified as a near miss!


Autumn Colours

The lovely autumn colours are out there now, with the dominating effects of green chlorophyll fading and the yellows and reds of the carotenoids take over. There’s a lot of chemistry out there!

Northern Lights

It appears that the Northern Lights could well be seen over the UK during the next few weeks. Look out for a clear night sky, preferably with little moon light. The north of the country would give the best chances of seeing them.

Thorpe Park

Visited Thorpe Part on a beautiful day last Wednesday. Good for Physics’ students (as well as thrill seekers) as there are lots of forces, particularly centrifugal force, to study!