Climate Change Summit

This has started in Paris today, with 151 world leaders attending. President Obama has said that the current generation is the last that can do something about climate change, that means something more has to be done now!


Once a year treatment for diabetics

Promising research has shown that it could be possible to inject ‘T-regs’ cells into a person suffering from diabetes. These cells protect insulin-making cells from the immune system, however, people suffering  from  Type 1 diabetes do not have enough of them. This could remove the need for daily injections of insulin and replace it with a once a year treatment.

Climate Change

The past 5 years have been the warmest on record with next year expected to be even hotter reports the World Meteorological Organisation.

This report comes less than a week before more than 130 world leaders are due to meet in Paris for a climate change summit on emissions cuts beyond 2020.

New planets from Cosmic Dust

The process that turns enormous clouds of cosmic dust into newborn planets over millions of years has been observed directly for the first time.

Astronomers caught sight of a planet in the making around a young star in the neighbourhood of Taurus, 450 light years from Earth.

Sea Level Rising

A major glacier in Greenland that holds enough water to raise global sea levels by half a metre has begun to crumble into the North Atlantic Ocean, scientists say.

The huge Zachariae Isstrom glacier in northeast Greenland started to melt rapidly in 2012 and is now breaking up into large icebergs where the glacier meets the sea, monitoring has revealed.