Eat in the dark to lose weight!

A recent study showed that people ate 10% less ice cream when they were blindfolded than when they could see what they were eating. Does this only apply to ice cream?


Virgin Galactic Spaceship unveiled

Sir Richard Branson has unveiled his new version of the Virgin Galactic Spaceship, which will carry six passengers. Let us hope it will be more successful than the last one!

Cancer breakthrough

A possible breakthrough in the treatment of cancer has been announced by a team that used the body’s own immune cells to attack metastatic tumours. So far the results have been extremely encouraging for those patients given only a short time to live.


Sperm Whale Deaths

Disease may be a factor for the large number of sperm whale deaths recently on British beaches, or changes related to climate change. Most recently, concerns have been raised over the lingering effects of now-banned chemicals, called PCBs, polluting European waters; western European waters are a global hotspot for lingering toxic PCB pollution.

4-neutron nucleus

Researchers in Japan claim to have discovered a neutral nucleus of an atom containing only 4 neutrons. They fired neutron-rich helium nuclei (two protons, six neutrons) at liquid helium (two protons, two neutrons) and the reaction sometimes produced a beryllium nuclei (four protons, four neutrons) leaving a neutron quartet! This four-neutron nuclei lasted about a billionth of a trillionth of a second before decaying! Not very stable then! 


Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most diversely talented people ever known.

The Science Museum’s new exhibition takes the machines that Leonardo drew and exquisitely reinterprets them in three-dimensional form, alongside games and multimedia installations. An exhibition well worth a visit.