A gene for aging?

In a laboratory in the Netherlands lies what may be the answer to a more realistic mystery: why some people look younger than others of the same age as scientists in Rotterdam claim for the first time to have found a gene that specifically affects how old people look



It appears that half of West European men are descended from one chief who lived about  4,000 years ago. Not much you can say about that!


A Marathon in Space!

You could call it an unfair advantage. As tens of thousands of runners start the London marathon on Sunday, another competitor will take up the race unencumbered by endless queues for portable toilets, moving at 17,500mph high above their heads.

But there is nothing unfair about Tim Peake’s marathon plans. The British astronaut who arrived at the International Space Station four months ago will run the 26.2 mile course on a treadmill in a cramped room. How cool is that!!


Research is being carried out to make drones which are able to follow hiking trails without pilot help. It is hoped these could be used to find lost or injured hikers.

Monitoring oxygen levels

Scientists in japan have developed an electronic “skin” which, when attached to the skin, can monitor oxygen levels. It is hope to further develop this so that oxygen levels in organs can  be monitored during surgery.

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