Mars closest to earth for 11 years

Mars reaches its closest approach to Earth for 11 years this evening at 21:35 GMT. The red planet will be just 75 million kilometres away.

Mars has been steadily approaching, tripling its apparent diameter as seen through telescopes since January. But don’t be deceived by any internet messages claiming that it will appear larger than the full moon. The moon is just 384 thousand kilometres away; Mars will never come that close.


Beer drunk at least 5000 years ago

It appears that the Chinese have been brewing beer for at least 5000 years! US and Chinese researchers found traces of barley, millet, grain, and tubers on pottery discovered from an archaeological dig 10 years ago.

GM crops – report

A recent report has claimed that genetically modified crops are safe to eat and do not harm the environment. However, the same report states that GM technology has not improved crop yields and it has also resulted in higher insect and weed resistance.


Do we have free choice?

New research has suggested that we may not have free will. It may be that the brain makes the decision and then convinces itself that it made a free choice from all the options that were available.