Safe and vivid blue pigment to go on sale

The newest and possibly the most vivid blue pigment, which was discovered in 2009, is now going on sale. As it is non-toxic, it is a viable alternative to existing blue pigments, such as Prussian blue, which have some toxic properties. Also, it wont fade!



Solar Impulse has crossed the Atlantic

Remember the solar-powered aeroplane, called Solar Impulse? That’s the zero-fuel plane  with thousands of photo-voltaic cells and extremely long wings! It has now completing the 70-hour Atlantic leg of its  bid to circle the globe.


Low Fat Chocolate

Great news! Scientists have produced a low fat chocolate, which they claim tastes even better than the full fat variety. The problem with low fat chocolate was that it was more viscous and clogged up the pipes. By applying an electric field along the direction of flow of liquid chocolate, the viscosity decreased as the solid cocoa particles clumped together in streamlined chains.

Carbon dioxide levels peaked

CO2 levels are predicted to be above 400 parts per million for the present year. Apart from human intervention, the recent increase in levels is as a result of El Niño. This climate phenomenon has warmed and dried the tropics, which has resulted in less photosynthesis and forest fires. The last time carbon dioxide levels were regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago.