Major breakthrough in treating heart disease

Patients, who have scarred hearts as a result of a heart attack, now have the possibility of living a full life after injections of donor stem cells. These cells appear to reverse the effect of a scarred heart.



A way to get more donor organs

Many donor livers are rejected because they are damaged in some way. Scientists are now experimenting using the undamaged part to create a scaffold on which to grow a new liver from stem cells from the transplant patient.



Planet with 3 suns

Scientists have discovered a planet in a far away solar system which has 3 suns and a year which lasts for about 550 Earth-years. For half the planets year there are 3 sunrises and sunsets each day and it remains almost constant day time for about 140 Earth-years.


Antarctic ozone hole smaller

Good news is that the hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic is starting to close. However, the decline may not be due to the decrease in the amount of chlorine in the stratosphere as a result of the reduction in CFCs.