Lenses which could help glaucoma sufferers

Researchers have developed a contact lens which can deliver medication to patients who suffer from glaucoma. This could be more effective than eye drops, as the lens delivers a precise amount gradually.




Proxima Centauri has Earth-sized planet

The closest star, just outside our Solar system is Proxima Centauri, which appears to have an Earth-sized planet orbiting it. There are signs that this planet is potentially habitable, although it is 40 trillion km away!


Green diving pool at Rio

It appears that there may be a second pool which has turned the murky green colour of the diving pool at Rio 2016. Rumour has it that the Olympic officials ran out of some of the chemicals used to purify the water with the result that the pH is not what it should be!

China’s straddling bus

A new electric bus, called the straddling bus, is being tested in China. It can carry up to 300 passengers and is 72ft long and 25ft wide. It runs on tracks and cars can pass underneath it as it straddles the road.


Fuel from carbon dioxide

Scientists in the US have found a way of converting carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into a fuel in the same way that plant use enzymes to convert  COinto sugars during photosynthesis. The researchers used a metal compound catalyst  to convert  COinto carbon monoxide, which can then be synthesized to methanol.