Planes made of graphene?

Remember graphene, the single layer of carbon atoms forming a regular hexagonal pattern, which is very light but extremely strong? Richard Branson believes that aircraft could be made entirely of graphene in 10 years time.


Single atoms used to store information

Scientists have manage to use a single atom to store two bits of data, whereas today’s  technologies need at least 10,000 atoms to store one bit of information. Atoms of holmium (a metal in the lanthanide series) were used, and by flipping the atom’s magnetic orientation so that it aligned with or against the Earth’s magnetic field, it was able to switch a bit from 0 to 1.


Don’t Kill Spiders!

Biologists have estimated that all the spiders in the world eat between them 400 million to 800 million tonnes of insects every year. These include mosquitoes, flies and insects which eat plants.

Nothing is for ever!

Sad that the famous  limestone arch on Gozo, an island of the Maltese archipelago, has collapsed into the sea after heavy storms. The arch, known as The Azure Window, was featured in several films and in the Game of Thrones.


Sentinel-2B launched

Sentinel-2B, Europe’s new satellite, has just been launched to join an identical spacecraft, Sentinel-2A, which is already in orbit. Between them they will photograph all land surfaces and coastal waters in visible and infrared light to provide a complete map of the Earth every 5 days.

The images will be used  for, amongst other things, urban planning, air-quality monitoring, tracking deforestation and glacier retreat.