Satellites to monitor all land volcanoes

A new project to monitor all land volcanoes is being lead by a UK team of scientists. Two satellites will cover the planet’s surface, looking for signs of possible eruptions. About 1,500 volcanoes are thought to be active but only a very few are monitored.



Water harvested from the air

Scientists have come up with a  solar-powered device, which can produce 2.8 litres of water over 12 hours from the atmosphere even in areas as dry as the Mojave Desert.

Graphene to desalinate sea water?

Another use for graphene! Graphene, which is composed a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, was produced in 2004 by a team lead by Manchester University. Now another UK based team have created a sieve made from graphene, which can remove  salt from seawater.


A wood in Staffordshire!

An interesting experiment is taking place in a Staffordshire forest. An area of the woodland has been cordoned off and the trees within the site are being subjected to high levels of carbon dioxide. The project has been set up to measure how trees will deal with the higher levels of CO2 in that are expected in the future.