Hubble’s 26th birthday

The space telescope celebrates its anniversary on 24 April; this spectacular image of a cloud of gas and dust 8,000 light years away celebrates the occasion.


A Marathon in Space!

You could call it an unfair advantage. As tens of thousands of runners start the London marathon on Sunday, another competitor will take up the race unencumbered by endless queues for portable toilets, moving at 17,500mph high above their heads.

But there is nothing unfair about Tim Peake’s marathon plans. The British astronaut who arrived at the International Space Station four months ago will run the 26.2 mile course on a treadmill in a cramped room. How cool is that!!

Climate Change Summit

This has started in Paris today, with 151 world leaders attending. President Obama has said that the current generation is the last that can do something about climate change, that means something more has to be done now!

University fees

The best universities will be able to chare more than £9000 a year, based on student satisfaction, teaching quality and employment prospects. Will this create a 2 tier system for the universities? And these fee increases are opposed by the NUS.

Science Tutoring

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