Nothing is for ever!

Sad that the famous  limestone arch on Gozo, an island of the Maltese archipelago, has collapsed into the sea after heavy storms. The arch, known as The Azure Window, was featured in several films and in the Game of Thrones.



UK bought Soyuz Space Capsule

Great news!  The UK has bought the capsule in which Tim Peake went to the International Space Station and back. The capsule will  go on display in the Science Museum in London early next year.

Dyson to attract engineers to Engineering degree

James Dyson will open The Dyson Institute of Technology in autumn 2017 to try to address the shortages in engineers..The £15m institute will be based at Dyson’s campus in Malmesbury in Wiltshire and will offer a four-year engineering degree in partnership with the University of Warwick. Students will be paid a salary while studying and will not have to pay tuition fees

Green diving pool at Rio

It appears that there may be a second pool which has turned the murky green colour of the diving pool at Rio 2016. Rumour has it that the Olympic officials ran out of some of the chemicals used to purify the water with the result that the pH is not what it should be!

China’s straddling bus

A new electric bus, called the straddling bus, is being tested in China. It can carry up to 300 passengers and is 72ft long and 25ft wide. It runs on tracks and cars can pass underneath it as it straddles the road.