Problems with two-wheeled suitcases!

Holiday times are here! Do you own a two-wheeled suitcase? If so, you have probably experienced the problem of it rocking alarmingly from side-to-side when you drag it along. Scientists have come up with a solution: don’t slow down but speed up instead! Alternatively, you can lower the handle of the suitcase as close to the ground as possible. Alternatively, why not just buy a four-wheeled suitcase!


Stop eating Pringles and drinking Lucozade?

Pringles tubes and Lucozade Sport bottles are the worst items for recycling because they are made up of many different materials. Perhaps we should stop buying them until they make their packaging easier to recycle!

Goggles which give surgeons X-ray vision

An augmented reality system is being developed which will allow surgeons to put on goggles to look inside a patient’s body without opening them up. The system uses MRI and CT scans to build up a 3D image of the inside of a patient’s body, with different organs automatically colour-coded by software.

Vitamin D could reduce colds and flu

It has been found that vitamin D supplements can help protect against acute respiratory infections including colds and flu, as well as asthma attacks. This could also help to explain why colds and flu are less common in the summer, when levels of vitamin D are at their highest.

Tim Peake’s spacecraft on display

The Soyuz spacecraft, TMA-19M, which carried Tim Peake to the International Space Station has gone on display at the Science Museum. On March 24th you can take a virtual reality trip from space to Earth in a Suyuz space capsule and you can book your tickets now!


Trump and Global Warming

One hundred researchers, including many of the most prominent climate scientists in Britain, have written to Theresa May to warn her of the potential threats posed by Donald Trump, who has made it clear he does not accept that human activities contribute to global warming.

The letter warns that Trump’s administration may severely weaken climate change research. If the world class climate science now performed in the US is wound down under Trump, the UK must be ready to respond decisively, the letter states. One response would be to rapidly expand British climate science by offering jobs to disaffected US researchers.