Information for students

Information for Students

  1. Normally tuition consists of one hour sessions but this can be longer or shorter by agreement between tutor and student.
  2. If tutoring takes place at the student’s home, we would urge that a responsible adult be present.
  3. Travelling expenses, including time and petrol, are negotiable with the Tutor if sessions are held at the student’s residence.
  4.  Any examination papers marked outside the tutoring session will be charged at the on-line rate.
  5. If the student is dissatisfied with the level of tutoring, they should contact tutors4science directly.
  6. The student should give one week’s notice to the tutor and to tutors4science if they wish to terminate the tutoring.
  7. A minimum of 24 hours notice should be given if the student is unable to attend the session. Cancellation without due notice will be charged at the standard hourly rate, except in exceptional circumstances.
  8. There is no registration fee but the student should pay the tutor directly at the beginning of the tutor session.
  9. Tutors will not be prepared to assist students with completion of coursework assignments.
  10. Unacceptable behaviour by the student will result in termination of the tutor sessions.