Graphene to desalinate sea water?

Another use for graphene! Graphene, which is composed a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, was produced in 2004 by a team lead by Manchester University. Now another UK based team have created a sieve made from graphene, which can remove  salt from seawater.



Planes made of graphene?

Remember graphene, the single layer of carbon atoms forming a regular hexagonal pattern, which is very light but extremely strong? Richard Branson believes that aircraft could be made entirely of graphene in 10 years time.


Sheets of carbon atoms, which are one atom thick and known as graphene, are now in many GCSE and A Level specifications. Mixing graphene with polysilicone, the substance found in Silly Putty, has made it conduct electricity. It could be used to monitor pulse and blood pressure as its electrical resistance is so sensitive to pressure.